Assorted, Scattered Objective-C Notes as compared to C#

A outlet is like a pre-known property that can be bound
(ie: drag destination object to origin object and assign to the outlet (property) nextKeyView)

is like
[myObject methodToCall:parameters];

int i = myObject.assignValue;
is like
int i = [myObject assignValue];

is like
[[form window].makeKeyAndOrderFront:target];

object myObject();
is like
id myObject;

string myString;
is like
NSString *mystring;

Defining an instance method:
private string myMethod();
is like
– (NSString *)myMethod;

Defining a class method:
public DateTime myMethod();
is like
+ (NSDate *)myMethod;

private float convertAmountbyRate(float amt, float rate)
is like
– (float)convertAmount:(float)amt byRate:(float)rate;

convert.convertAmountbyRate(1.0, 2.3);
is like
[convert convertAmount:1.0 byRate 2.3];

public interface myInterface : myClass {…}
is like
@interface myInterface : NSObject {…} @end