The Wises

There’s a ton of pictures in the sidebar, in Flickr and on Facebook to check out from the wedding this weekend. We’ll post more of the bride and her family, but I wanted to post a few of the Wises — its not very often that 3 generations of Wises are in the same country, much less the same city.

Thanks very much to Mom and Dad Wise for flying home from Asia just to help us all be involved in Pammy’s special day. I’m sure there were other reasons they came home, but that was the most important one this weekend!

Dad and Abi

My dad and Abi

Mom and Ben

My mom and Ben

Gorgeous Nicole

My gorgeous wife!

Jon and Nicole

8 years and still happy!

Our Family

My little Wise family


One thought on “The Wises

  1. love the pictures. love how great nicole looks. love the family shot with abby trying to poke bens ear. love the one of your mom and ben. her smile makes me smile.. some day i need to meet them,.
    even though- based on my thoughts of yoga and obama- i dont think your dad would want to meet me. 🙂

    i have been trrying to get livi ready to leave here for over an hour…. this is not helping. lololol

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