Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.

About vehicles: we’re going to have to make some changes. First, let me be clear, if it were just Nic and I, and maybe if it was just Nic, Ben and I, and I’d had this accident, I would get back on the horse. It would be my goal to be riding again by the end of the summer. Accidents happen. If I were walking, and a senile old gal hit me, I wouldn’t stop walking, just because of the newfound risk associated with the activity. If I were playing a sport, and an accident happened, I wouldn’t give up the sport. I’m not quitting just because some random fluke occurred.

But, C.S. Lewis once wrote, in the Problem of Pain (a problem I’m familiar with lately) “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains…” And in this case, God seems to have been reminding me that I now have 3 children that I am the sole financial provider for, and as much as I could genuinely feel whispers of Him while enjoying the pleasure of a gentle ride through the country on a warm summer day… clearly He’s shouting about more important priorities in my life right now.

So I’m selling the bike.

It has some minor cosmetic issues that need to be addressed, but my leg took the brunt of the hit, and the bike itself is in good condition. The insurance company will make the repairs, and then it’ll go on the market. We own it outright, so it won’t hurt that much. And God granted me enough time to reach my goal of learning to ride, and obtaining my permanent motorcycle license, in case such things should ever come in handy elsewhere in life/the world again.

And I’m selling my car.

Between my rapidly aging hip, and now the rod in my left leg, driving standard is never likely to be a comfortable experience again. Certainly it will be months before I can even try. We own it outright, and although I’d been enjoying fixing it up, it won’t hurt that much to sell it.

In the near future, we’ll look to obtain a newer, comfortable vehicle for me to drive, that will be useful for work, and other professional outings. In the meantime, my only locomotion is stretched out across the back seat of my mom’s car. I’ll look forward to improved mobility as I heal. Both the bike and the car are classy old vehicles in great shape. If you know of anyone looking for an awesome deal, send them my way!