Spring is Finally Here!

This winter held on hard! Every time it looked to be warming up, we’d wake up to fresh snow on the cars. But finally this week we got a break, the sun came out, and the snow melted and stayed melted. The kids broke out their rubber boots to stomp through the muddy, wet grass and daddy fired up his motorbike — once the incident with the frozen battery was dealt with. Apparently the trickle charger got disconnected some time in the past couple months.

Oh well, my two classy old girls are on the road, engines still thrumming perfectly despite having a median age between them of 21 years, and I suspect I’m enjoying playing with my outdoor toys again just as much as the kids are.

I guess it’ll get a little chilly again next week, but winter knows its lost the battle. Spring has sprung!

Update: spoke to soon. Now we’re buried in snow waiting for it to melt…