Went to Alberta. Edmonton sucked. Calgary was nice. The mountains were nicer. It was great to see my siblings.

I had a more articulate post than this, but it got deleted… stupid beta software. This was really just a vehicle for some pictures anyway:


4 thoughts on “Alberta

  1. Very jealous that you guys made it out the mountains while I was stuck in Taber. But it was good to see you again anyways. So… no pictures of the bike? I figured that would be the first thing you’d post.

  2. Delighted that you guys got together out there. I saw the bike. My friend out here who rides Harleys says yours would be the only bike he would want to buy, and it is the fastest thing Harley makes.

    Yes, that does make us a little nervous. We are only human. You would have to be a parent for thirty years to understand the kind of emotional investment that we have in you. We would much sooner die a painful and lingering death ourselves than see you injured. Please be as careful as you can be.

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