West coast family and friends

So this week was Redmond, the company HQ, for most of the week. More on that later, maybe. But before my sister gets her knickers in a bunch, I have to get up this post about the people I got to see along the way.

We’ve never really found the west coast all that aluring, but a lot of people head that way. On our own dime, we can’t really afford to go visit those we know who’ve gone westward, but when someone else is paying, its a real treat to connect with friends and family!

I realised, at the last minute, that I had a 5 hour stop-over in Calgary en-route to Washington state. Coincidentally, that’s where my brother and sister live. Dave picked me up from the airport and we met Liz and her boyfriend for a nice lunch, and a visit at her apartment.

The Kids

The boyfriend

My old friend, Jon Bates, currently a submariner with the U.S. Navy, lives in Washington, so he popped over for a little tour of the MS campus. We had lunch, did some shopping, and he kicked my butt at checkers on a Surface computer.

Bates at Commons

Surface Checkers

Surface Checkers

I might have chance to reflect on this trip some more… but there are 3 more trips coming up, so I might not.