Best Long Weekend of the Summer — So Far

This weekend started with a late night chat, and continued being wonderful with 4 great guests in our home, two trips to the beach, one to a splash pad, two to a park, and two kid-free date nights — one just ourselves, and one with friends. I’m pretty sure we’ve O.D.ed on joyful satisfaction. And my back held out almost all the way through!

Thank you, God, for summer. Can it last all year?

Pictures in the sidebar and on Flickr. There’s a new video coming too.


2 thoughts on “Best Long Weekend of the Summer — So Far

  1. Hey Jon…
    the best part of the slide video is your cracking up at the end when Abi does a face plant!!! Very cute!

  2. The nice thing for me is knowing where that park is now. What a treat to have such a great playground so near.

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