Our house… in the middle of our street

Well I tried to find before pictures. but came up a little short. I wanted to show how bad the roof and the garage looked, but neither of these pictures really do it justice. In short, the roof was in really bad shape along the valleys, and had been partially replaced with an ugly, mis-matched section of shingles. The garage door, as I mentioned before, was dreadful, and the front door matched. Here’s the pics, hopefully you can get an idea of the “before.”

In the past two weeks we’ve:

  • Re-painted the garage door
  • Re-painted the front door
  • Got the driveway sealed
  • Got the roof re-done

Those latter two we paid someone to do, but I’m happy with what we got for our money. The roof, in particular, is not something I would have been comfortable trying — even with a good crew of helpers. This afternoon, I washed both cars, putting the little car away for the winter, cleaned up the scraps from the roofing operation, and raked the lawn, leaving our house looking significantly different than when we moved in…

There are a couple things yet to be done by winter — we have one wooden window that needs to be re-painted and checked for a proper seal, and I want to paint a decorative bit on the front door. If I’m feeling really ambitious and the weather holds, I’ll do the trim around the garage and front door in a sharp white to make it all look at little cleaner.

Regardless, I’m very proud of our little house. This winter we’ll do a little work in-doors, and next summer we’ll tackle the backyard…