Furious about blue jeans

Yesterday I went shopping for jeans. All of mine have holes in them, so it was time for a new pair. I hit a couple malls, and went from store to store, trying to find a pair that weren’t ugly, or crazy expensive. Mind you, my idea of “crazy expensive” is more than $50. When I went into Jean Machine, or some such store, I turned over a price tag, and nearly puked right on the spot: $119.95 for a pair of jeans!

Who in their right mind, would ever pay $120 (plus tax!) for a pair of jeans? What is wrong with our society when pre-faded blue jeans, which likely cost around $5 to manufacture, actually sell for over $100?! Seriously, do people realize that for the price of 3 pairs of these blue jeans, you could fly to Paris and back?

And its not like these are dress clothes, or something nice you’d need for a wedding — these are casual clothes for every day life. I can’t fathom ever spending $120 on an entire outfit, let alone the part of it you put on your butt! Where are your priorities if you go out and spend that kind of money on jeans?!

Let me suggest some other things people could do for the price of 3 pairs of blue jeans (plus tax):

I solemnly swear, before the whole Internets, that if either of our children ever ask for $120 for blue jeans, I will tan their hide and stick them on a plane to Bangladesh for a week so fast their heads will spin…