Hey! Look over here!

Gotta lighten the mood around here, so everyone look at these pictures and say “aww, how cute” and hope that whoever ends up in charge down there, these kids inherit more than just our mess…

Abi frequently rides around in the laundry hamper.

Hanging out with Daisy is a little more rare. Usually the cat takes off before her tail gets pulled — Benjamin has taught her well.

She just started doing this, and its wonderful. There was no transition period, one day she just decided she was ready for the bottle — and she prefers to hold it herself… which looks incredibly cute, because her hands aren’t very coordinated yet.

Ben likes to be in the pictures too. This is his big boy bottle — don’t tell him, but its actually a sippy cup (the nipple swaps off)


Great moments in U.S. History

Now that their last President has the lowest approval rating in recorded history, the Republican party is doing their level best to lower the bar of political discourse, and distract voters from the crippling problems that began plaguing their country since W. came into power. Aside from referring to his opponent, standing next to him on stage, as “that one.” McCain couldn’t muster up the respect to shake his hand after the debate.

What blows my mind is that these people are the “Christian” party. I’m trying to keep my mouth shut about U.S. politics, now that we don’t live there any more, but its really hard right now. The economy is in shambles, the war to nowhere still has no end in sight, the Constitution is in shreds, and no one’s even trying to find that terrorist guy any more — they’re too busy calling each other names.

Meanwhile, the “free market” hasn’t been able to balance itself, so the tax payers just forked over $700 billion to bail out the greedy capitalists who drove the country’s economy into the ground. And what did AIG do after receiving their $85 billion cut? Sent their executives on a corporate retreat to the tune of $440,000. Check the actual invoice

How is this a self-regulating free market? And besides, how is what has become of capitalism a Christian concept to begin with? Doesn’t the Bible say “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another…?” Well, the U.S. currency is based on debt, and now the economy is being propped up by it — with no evidence in change of behavior.

Now I know Fox News spins all of this a vastly different way, and sources like Huffington Post can spin things their own way, and the real truth is really hard to find. But even if you strip out all the opinions, and out of context sound/video bites, the reality has to be in there somewhere: we’re not winning a war or terror, just a war on people bring water bottles onto airplanes; the economy is not improving, its collapsing; the party currently in power hasn’t solved any problems, they’ve overseen some of the darkest times in recent history.

Gah! I should just stop reading news until the election is over. Its not like my opinion matters anyway. So, in conclusion, I leave you with this great moment:

Note: “That One” picture blatantly stolen from this guy.

PS: If you’re still pro-McCain, try reading his abbreviated history. If you’re still pro-Palin, ask yourself if baptism at your church included this.