Working on his Ws and Ls

Yesterday, after work, I was sitting out on the back deck, enjoying my recently installed AirTunes setup (streaming music, wirelessly, from the computer upstairs to the speakers I mounted on the wall of our house, controlled, wirelessly, by my iPhone) when Benjamin slid open the patio door, and toddled out with one of my shoes in his hands — a shoe nearly half his height.

He proceeds to pull my slipper off my right foot, and hang my left shoe off my big toe, and then walks away (closing the patio door behind him for once.) A few minutes later, he comes back out with the other shoe, and once again pulls off my slipper and carefully tries his very best to put the shoe on my left foot.

When he’s done, he gets up from his squat, inspects his work with pride, smiles up at me and says:

Of course, I couldn’t possibly say no to all that effort, so we went for a walk.