Take me out to the ball game

I know this isn’t the Blue Jays logo any more, but it was the last time I went to see them play. In fact, this was their logo the last time I watched any MLB at all.

Its not that I hate baseball. Its just that I don’t care. Baseball is no worse than any other professional sport — athletes are over-paid and over-worshipped for playing a game, while people in other parts of the world starve to death. Just seems kinda stupid to me. But I guess it doesn’t bother me enough to be passionate about it… I just don’t really get emotionally involved in sports at all.

It doesn’t help that the last baseball game I went to went into like 14 extra innings, and we were stuck in uncomfortable seats for 32 hours straight… or something like that.

Anyway, I’m going to a ball game tonite. And I’m actually kinda looking forward to it. Not the part about watching doped up, spoiled rich guys swinging a club and chasing a ball around a field. But the part about hanging out with my old friend Randy, doing something he enjoys, and celebrating the fact he’s grown-up to the point where he’s ready to commit to his girlfriend and to their son in marriage. And I guess it would be nice if the home team won (especially since they’re playing New York) but either way, tonight we’re celebrating a victory.

Here’s hoping there are no extra innings…