For sale

One 4GB iPhone. Like new. Anyone want it?

Update: Actually, on second thought, if AT&T is charging $30 a month for data, I don’t even want to know what Rogers is charging. The GPS would be really nice, but I think I’ll save my money and just get a Garmin or a TomTom. If we still lived in the States, it would be a different story…


7 thoughts on “For sale

  1. How much? Will it work in Asia. Does it take pictures. Home in 5 days, what’s the reserve bid sitting at?

  2. Heard on the latest (or the previous) Diggnation episode that people have found ways to retrieve data off of iPhones even after they’ve been “erased”.

    A quick search on eBay for iPhone shows lots of iPhones going for $200+. I’d hate to be the people that put bids in on those already hoping to get a cheap iPhone before hearing about the new G3 iPhones.

    You could market it as a “cheap, fat iPod Touch”.

  3. Quiet, Shawn! Those people are my potential customers! Besides, does your iPod touch have a camera, A-GPS, and a phone built-in?
    And PS: I think you meant 3G…

    Dad, it would work, but not as well as it does here. Besides, you have many more options there!

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