The Dream of Evan and Chan

We now have new contact vitals, for those who keep address books and such things.

We’re maintaining a US address as our primary mailing address for all non-urgent correspondence. Don’t ask for the Canadian one, because we’re months away from having one, and even then we won’t use it much. Our address, then, for your records is:

Jon and Nicole Wise
1971 Western Ave #171
Albany, NY 12203 USA

And no one lives here, and its nowhere near our old NY place, so don’t bother trying to stalk us, creepy Internet people. Its just a mailbox at a UPS store. If you show up, they’d be glad to sell you some boxes or ship a package for you. Everyone else can mail us nice things at this address. Gifts, and money and such.

We also have a Canadian phone number now. Nicole’s old cell phone number is no longer active. The number is: 503-7202

The area code is one digit more than our US area code. For example, if our US area code was 123 (which its not) then our new area code would be 124, get it?
Its also the same area code as the one we had in Ontario before, for those that had that information.
Again, creepy people need not apply — I have your IP address!

PS: My cell phone number has not changed, and will remain a New York number for the foreseeable future.


The Emporer's New Clothes

We interupt our regular programming to bring you this rant about sunglasses.

Ladies, over-sized sunglasses are NOT attractive. I don’t know who started this trend, but they should be shot.
Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most stylish person around. The only sunglasses I can wear are the ones that clip on to my regular glasses. But I’m still qualified to point out ugly.

These glasses, see, they cover half your face. Glasses are supposed to cover your eyes — not your eyebrows, most of your forehead and half your cheeks! Yet people prance around in these bug-eyed lenses thinking they look hot. You don’t look hot! You look mostly obscured! You could be the elephant man under there!

Unless these things have some hidden utility as diving goggles, I’m going to have to declare over-sized sunglasses the worst fashion trend since bell bottom pants. Don’t walk, run to the nearest store and replace them with something that doesn’t make you look like a character from A Bug’s Life.