What I've Learned

We are in the fight of our lives, against an enemy that wants us all in pain.

Sometimes in battle someone gets hit by some friendly fire.

If it happens to you: get up, find a place to heal, and get back in the fight.

Never forget who the real enemy is.

And never forget that we’re all on the same team.


Random Observations

– My back feels SO much better now that we have a good firm mattress. We paid $130 to upgrade to the next mattress up on the exchange, and it was so worth it. I haven’t woken up in pain at all since we got it!

– Abi is incredibly strong compared to Benjamin at her age. She can lift her head from lying on her belly and look around the room. If you lay her down on your stomach, she’ll wiggle her way up to your neck and start digging around for a nipple to suck on (I said she was strong, not smart — yet!)

– I have changed more diapers in the past week than I ever have in my life. Ben’s poop completely fill his diapers. Abi just poops every 30 minutes or so. Her poop isn’t supposed to stink yet, but it does.

– I think that if everyone who told us we should buy a house were to pitch in $5, we wouldn’t need a mortgage.

– 21 was a really fun and interesting movie. But given that this was the first time in months that two of us have gone out alone, I don’t think I would have cared if it was the worst movie in the world… It is kinda nice having in-laws around!

– There are a lot of birthdays in April.

– Yesterday was my first day back at work since Abi was born. It was nice to have a break — from the babies, that is!

– We have a place to stay in Canada now, so without the urgency for that, we were able to push Nic’s move back to April 19th.

– I’m going to miss my family when they’re gone…