A Stranger With the Door Key…

So now that Abi is here, the countdown has begun. This is it: the move home is a reality, and it’ll be here fast — just over two weeks, in fact.

Our target date for Nic’s move back with the kids is April 12th — the weekend after that if we have to. She’ll have only a couple weeks to get settled and find us an apartment for May. Our stuff gets moved on May 19th. We’ll be silhouettes by then.

That’s a ton of work to do in a very short amount of time. Fortunately once Nic gets home, there’ll be more help on her end. We haven’t been able to pack much knowing that a new baby was arriving, but once the apartment is mostly empty, I’ll be able to start shoving things in boxes.

An international move has higher requirements than your average move across town. Each box must be inventoried, the contents printed on the box and on a separate manifest for use at customs. Once its on the truck, it’ll be gone 2-5 days before we get the call to meet the movers at the border where we’ll get it cleared. Then we wait again for it to arrive at our new home.

We’re trying not to think too much about it right now, and just enjoy having a new baby. But we can’t exactly put it completely out of our minds. The next adventure starts in just a couple weeks…


Finally… my family is home

We made it. All four of us, back under one roof.

Benjamin was initially pretty interested in Abi. He gave her a hug, and rocked her carseat when she started crying. But when Mommy left to feed her, he got really jealous, really fast.
We’re just going to be strict with our routine, and make sure each of us is paying attention to one of them. Hopefully he’ll adjust quickly, and not be too terrible. Right now he wants to pat her head, so maybe that’s a good sign.


Someone once asked me if our kids had nicknames. Here they are: Benjamin is “Monster” like on the muppets, and because we always call him that — Who’s got the monster? Can we put the monster to bed yet? Abi is “Piglet” because she’s been congested since she was born and makes a lot of little grunting noises all the time.

We love them both, and we’re glad to be home.