Where's Abi?

Today is Abi’s due date (40 weeks pregnant baby!)

So I had my weekly doctor’s appointment. I was interested to see if I had dilated any more from last week, which was just over 1cm, and I figured I would maybe be 1.5cm to 2cm. But to my surprise when he checked me (which by the way is not very fun) he said I was 3cm dilated and 80% thinned out, or effaced. Now this is interesting to me since at about this time with Benjamin I had already been at the hospital for 8 or so hours and had an epidural.

Oh and I guess since I was progressing so well from last week he decided to do a procedure called “Stripping the Membranes” and if anyone has had this done you know how NOT fun it was (Google it if you want to find out more). So in case anyone is wondering the doctor said it could happen tonight OR it could happen next week… in other words, we are still waiting!!