Joey, James, Shannon, Jon, Paul, Karl, Alicia, Caroline and sometimes William, Cherish and Sarah: We love you guys!


Thank you so much for a couple of final get-togethers. It was so great to see you all again and realise how much you’ve grown and how much you’re continuing to grow. We are proud of each of you, and know that each of you guys are God’s kids and His servants.
Of the things we’ve worked at while we were in New York, the little team we built together — the things we taught you; the things we learned while we were teaching you; the ways we served together; the events where we all had fun together — our Vertical Production Team is one of the best gifts God gave us.

And a huge thank you to Linda, Barb, Margaret and all the other moms who encouraged us and supported us, and who allowed us to stand with them behind these amazing young people.

We will make it a point to see as many of you as we can every time we come back and visit New York. And you’d better all come meet Abi before we leave!


Abi Update

Just a few notes for those who are starting to get curious about Baby #2. We’re pretty much ready: the hospital bag is packed, my time-off paperwork is signed, so now its just a waiting game. Here’s some other notes (for the squeamish: medical details follow)

  • She is still due March 20th, but we’ve been told to expect an early delivery
  • Nic had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and was told her cervix is soft and she’s 1cm dialated…
  • But the doctor scheduled an ultrasound for March 10th, so obviously he doesn’t think Abi will be arriving before then.
  • The other night both Nicole and I had a dream that Abi turned out to be boy. The first ultrasound was pretty clear when we saw it, but now we’re both wondering if we should have a boy’s name picked out, just in case.
  • We will be live-blogging the delivery just like last time, and also posting some pics to the Flickr feed… that is assuming there’s time for it. Everyone we talk to warns that baby #2 will come really fast, so we’ll see if that’s true for us.

Of course, the big day will be announced here, and if you want to be on the cell phone/text message notification list, just let us know.