Going to Foxborough, Mass!

I know even less about Foxborough than i did Greenbay, before I made that trip, but I’m going there!

My company has 4 offices in the States: Virginia, Albany, Greenbay and Foxborough. I’ve been to all of them but Foxborough.

When I searched for it on Google, I got a bunch of football images, so I’m assuming its another football town. I also know that its about 39 miles from Boston, which is a city I’d love to spend some time in before we leave the States…

Alas, I’m going for training, so there won’t be much time for site seeing, but it’s free travel, so I’m not complaining!


2 thoughts on “Going to Foxborough, Mass!

  1. Hope you are going soon! You better stay home after Mar 1st because Abi will probably come fast when she decides to come.

  2. I am going for a weeks training next week as well. It is in Hang Dong, Thailand and all I know about that place is that it likely is not a football town.

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