How-to:Change your iPhone IMEI

Disclaimer: Modifying the IMEI on a wireless handset for the purpose of using a previously stolen handset is unlawful. The following information is listed for legitimate purposes only. Any use of the following information is at your own risk and subject to the local laws of your jusidiction. CodePoetry assumes no liability for any damage that may occur to your equipment. Use of the following information will likely void your warranty.

There are a few legitimate reasons as to why you would want to change the IMEI on your phone. The most likely is that your phone was bricked by apple and the IMEI was changed to a generic IMEI so that they can tell you bricked it and void your warranty. Or, if you are using an iPhone on a pre-paid AT&T plan and want to be able to use SwirlyMMS to send/recieve MMS messages, you will have to change your IMEI to be that of a non-iPhone so that AT&T’s periodic scans of the network will not disable MMS for your phone number.

In adition to a mac, you will need the following items:

To get started, open up PwnageTool, choose the options for original iPhones, select Expert at the top, and hit next.

Select your original firmware v2.1 file. If you don’t have PwnageTool in the same folder as your bootloader files you will now have to tell it where to find those. If it offers to search the web for you, hit no, and choose the ones you already downloaded. We are going to be making two custom 2.1 restore images. The first one will be the “neutered” restore file, and the second one will be the “clean” restore file. For the first one, select General and hit next. Ensure Activate Phone, Upgrade Baseband, and Disable Partition Wipe-out are all selected. I left my root partition size at the default of 500 MB. On the next screen, you need to have Neuter Bootloader selected, Update Bootload, and choose Downgrade to 3.9. This is very important! Also, choose unlock baseband and Auto delete BootNeuter. Next you can add any Cydia packages that you want installed by default, I left this blank and moved on.