SymLinks are your friends!

So we have 320GB of data — movies, music, photos and calendar and address book info. We want to manage it on the computer in the bedroom, but we’ll primarily be consuming it (and acquiring it) from the computer connected to the TV.
I looked long and hard for ways to synchronize or share this volume of data, but when it came down to it, there’s no good solution for that. The best way to do it is to point both computers and their associated “database” and “library” folders to a location-agnostic hard drive (a NAS would be nice, but in my case its a FireWire drive shared over the network) using SymLinks.

Aside for some slowness on the computer in the bedroom (which can be forgiven because its a G4 connected over a wireless network — something I plan to remedy in our next apartment) both computers are blissfully unaware that they posses none of the data they think they do. We can import photos, create playlists, mark-up our calendars and rip then watch our movies in the bedroom, with the benefit of a full keyboard and mouse, and consume all of that content, and sync it with our iPhone and iPods, in the living room, with only a remote control.

In conclusion, I love SymLinks and should have learned how to make them earlier. Its even easier with this contextual menu item. (Note: SymLinks are not the same as aliases, which are nowhere near as cool)



A new word, that means “When Apple screws you over.”

Its not new — they frequently do this kind of thing to early-adopters (see the iMac G4 – USB 1.1 models.) Its like your punishment for buying their stuff when they hype it. But this is about the lowest they’ve ever sunk.

I know I shouldn’t complain. I paid a premium to be an uber-geek for 2 months. While everyone else dealt with their regular, crappy phones and so-called “smart” phones, I was flying high with my iPhone. It seriously is the best portable device I’ve ever owned, and although I’m sore that none of the new functionality in the promised updates has made its way to my iPhone yet, and even though it has its little issues, its an amazing phone.

And now everyone can have one, because as of yesterday, my iPhone is worth a little more than half what I paid for it… Thanks a lot, Steve. Sure am glad I got in line for something that not even Apple thinks is worth what I paid for it.

Oh well, at least they got their R&D money back in a hurry, too bad they had to screw over their most loyal customers to do it.

Update: My favourite company did the right thing! $100 gift card at the Apple Store! Way to go, Apple! I’m now back in the drooling fan-boy camp!