Luv Addict

ff5.jpgFamily Force 5: How have I not heard this band before?
They’re hilarious, they rock and they’re Christian! Awesome…

From the song “Replace Me”

Needing you
Every last breath
I scream for you
Shatter me into a million pieces…Make me new

Crush me, tear me, break me, mold me
Make me what you want me to be
I am ur’s for you to use
so, Take and Replace me with U


3 thoughts on “Luv Addict

  1. yes! They’re amazing.

    Ricky knows the guy who does the tour videos for them.

    You should check them out, they’re pretty funny, I think they’re on their myspace. (

  2. Yea they were in Mass (just over the state line from Albany) a couple days ago and meant to go. Maybe next time! They rock! – db

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