Comin Home

100_2814.jpgBenjamin is cute and all, but he’s not always my favorite person… like say 4:30 in the morning. The last couple days he’s had a cold. We went to the doctor on Saturday who said it’s nothing major — but tell that to our baby, who figures a little snot is the end of the world. He’s been fussy and cranky, grunting and moaning at everything. As usual, Nic’s been a rock and has been taking the brunt of it so that I can be functional at work, but it still sucks. Huge thanks to Leah for buying Nic a couple hours of rest yesterday — we all appreciated it!

Speaking of the little guy, I know there are some of you at home looking forward to meeting him. We’re planning a trip for just that reason at the start of February, so get us on your calendars. Here’s where we’ll be…

Friday, February 9th – Spent all day at my parents new place
Saturday, February 10th – In the Aylmer area at Nic’s parents place
Sunday, February 11th – In the St. Thomas area, at church in the morning, then heading out to Port Stanley around dinner time.

Nic’s sister is planning an open house for Saturday afternoon, but feel free to drop us a line if you want to get together at one of the other exciting stops on Benjamin’s tour of southwestern Ontario.