How To Understand Your Screaming Demon-Child

A new parenting documentary! And if you think this is mean spirited, I’d wager that you’re not a parent…


Things To Do at Lunch When You Have No Friends at Work…

In case you ever find yourself working in an environment where everyone around you is 10 years, or more, older than you and shares nothing in common with you beyond the objectives of your employer, here’s some ideas I’ve found to keep from going insane on my mandated 1 hour lunch.

  1. Watch stand-up comedy on YouTube. Sure I sound a little weird laughing by myself in my cubicle, but there’s some funny stuff out there, and my hour passes in no time.
  2. Go to the Apple Store. After awhile, there’s really nothing new to discover in the store, but I just feel cooler after being in such a techno-trendy environment for a little while. Plus free and un-filtered Internet means I can do some chatting or catch up on BoingBoing.
  3. Take a nap! I have the amazing ability to set my internal clock for whatever time I want to wake up. I can lean back in my car, and say “I’m going to take a 15 minute nap.” And I’ll wake up in almost exactly 15 minutes, without fail. More and more research is coming out about the value of a power nap, and I support this science completely!
  4. Go to Panera and sit by the fireplace. If you get there before the rush, you can pick your seat. I like the two chairs right in front of the fire. They have free WiFi, so I can chill out and read some news while I eat.
  5. Blog. There’s always something to blog about, and even if no one else finds it interesting, I can imagine people out there as bored at lunch time as I am are desperate to find something to read.
  6. Take a walk. The area surrounding my office is pretty nice, so if it’s not too cold out, I like to take a stroll around the building. I find I’m more productive in the afternoon if I’ve gotten some fresh air too.

Anyone else got any suggestions?

The Bodily Function Triple Threat

So Nic had just finished feeding Benjamin and she sat him up to burp him… and put her hand in a wet spot on his back where poop had seeped up out of his diaper and into his little outfit.

Being the good husband that I am, I scooped him up (carefully, so as not to touch the poop) to change him. As I set him down on his change table, he vomits out his dinner all down the front of his clothes. Now there’s no safe place to touch his clothes as I peel them off.

Finally I get the diaper off and start wiping the perimeter of poop spread across the lower half of his body, and the second I glance away to ready the next diaper, he pees in his own face…

Needless to say, Benjamin got another bath tonite!

We need some more pictures….

I believe we are lacking in pictures of Benjamin so here are some that I picked out.
100_2853.jpgHere he is in one of my old pj’s, which by the way doesn’t fit him anymore.

100_2865.jpgLounging on the couch


100_2880.jpgThese two are of tummy time
100_2905.jpgCurled up on dad

Getting ready to face the cold weather yesterday…burrr it was cold!!

1 Month

Ok so today was Benjamin’s 1 month visit with the Doctor. He says that Benjamin is doing great, growing and gaining weight according to the growth curve he is on. Today he got his second Hep B shot and he did great, only cried for alittle while and calmed down right away. He weighed in at 10 lbs 13 ozs and is now 21 1/4 ins long. Here are some funny pictures from today….100_2903.jpg100_2901.jpg


Frankenstein verb

1. To put together components from multiple sources to make a new machine or device. I’ll frankenstein a couple old workstations and make you a server for about $100.