Some Pictures… cause I'm too tired to type


Still “cheesy” as the nurse called it.


Me and my son.


Gifts from Nic’s mom and sister.


Introducing… "Male Baby Wise"

Male Baby Wise

Likes: Naps, Boobs, and long walks on the beach.
Dislikes: Gas, Circumcision.

We’re still not sure about the name, but we’re debating between Benjamin and Joshua. Weigh in with your vote tonight!

No Name Yet

The question on everyone’s lips is what’s his name. And the answer is… We don’t know yet! But relax, we do have an idea or two – despite the 50,000 useless names in our book of 55,000 (Achmed, Achmeed, Achmar, Achmaree, etc…). I promise I will update when we have a name. I also have no way of getting pictures posted from here (except for grainy, blurry cameraphone shots, which wouldn’t do justice to the cuteness of our child) but I’ll probably sleep at home tonite, cause I’m sick of this amazing pull-out chair that manages to be uncomfortable in both bed and chair modes, so I’ll get some pictures online then.
Baby is doing exceptionally well. He’s a star at feeding, pooping and sleeping, which is all we could really ask of him on his first day of life. Mom is also well, although a little sore down below, and exudes peace and confidence in a way I’ve never seen before. I think our little family is gonna be just fine…

The day after

I’m beginning to understand that sleep is a luxory. They moved us down the hall to the room we’ll be in for the next 2 days at about 2:30 am this morning, after Nic successfully fed the baby on their first try (yay!) but it didn’t quiet down after that. There’s a pull out chair in the room, so I pulled some blankets over my head while the constant parade of nurses did their thing. At about 5 they woke us both up so Nic could take her first post-baby pee. By 8:30 we were both up for the day. A post pregnancy bathroom is not really one for sharing with other people, so I found a public one and doused my head in the sink to start my day. Nic’s been fed and she saved me some leftovers, so I guess I’ll eat until they bring our baby back. As far as I know baby and mom are healthy and happy. Nic, in particular, looks great, considering what she’s just been through. She’s sore, obviously, considering the size of the baby she just pushed out, but she’s braving it out, and doing a great job for her first day as a mom. Thank you to the nurses and doctors who’re reading this! You guys were great. We’re now in room E-609 if anyone wants to visit…