Live From the new Campus!

Well we pulled it off. Two services at the new campus down, two to go. The first was pretty rough but we got pretty much all the bugs out for the next one. In between services the staff all look as exhausted as I feel, but we pull it together cause for many of the people who come, this is the only picture of Christ they’ll see all year.
This campus has been a series of small miracles, combined with some incredibly hard work by the volunteers and by the staff — as our pastor says: God’s Super with our Natural — but it happened, and it was so awesome to see the place packed out.


Christmas Tree

christmas-tree.jpgOk…so you have all probably heard that Jon wouldn’t let me put up our regular Christmas tree. Now some might be able to see his side but for those of us that love Christmas time don’t since I am the one to normally put it together and decorate it! Since it is a 71/2 foot tree I might be able to see where he is coming from given that we are in a very small apartment this year. Unlike our good friend Libby, who when she first walked into their new home already knew where all the Christmas items would go, I totally forgot about where I would put our Christmas tree when we were looking at this apartment. If we put it up in the living room it would block the front speaker, part of the TV and all of the electronic devices when sitting on the one couch. The only other place to put it would be in the hallway by the washer & dryer but then it would be very crowded their. So I decided to go and buy a 3 foot tree with lights already on it and I think it has turned out ok, less hassle later when putting it away since the baby is likely to be here by then. Even though I didn’t get my regular tree up I am still pleased with the overall outcome of our apartment.